Big Government Buying 400,000 Tons Of Sugar

How The Sugar Buy Will Affect You… I saw the USDA is considering buying 400,000 tons of sugar. Where they find the free cash, I have no idea. What’s the deal here? Why? Well, the sugar industry has been propped up for years. But don’t confuse sugar industry and food and beverage manufacturers. If the government follows through on this buy, it would mean sugar Read More →

A Simple Trick To Lose Weight…

How to Lose Weight Easily, Get In Superior Shape and Steal An Extra Few Hours Back every Week Wow! Big promise there. But all true. Dr Quick Fit Overview On How To Do It… Exercise in the evening for just 12-minutes combined warmup and workout. But totally burn the you know what out of your lungs. This will force so much oxygen into your body Read More →


How To Jump Rope Better Than Your Kids

Coming soon from Dr. Jump Rope is the ass kicking, quick fit workout that will force your body to burn fat like it’s nobodies business. Why am I mentioning that here on Mark Fitzpatrick? Well…I happen to be doing the demonstration. Yes, it’s been a while, but I have a doctorate in jumping rope. Read More →

Organic Greens and Vegetables

If You Spend Money On Vitamins – This Is Critical

If you’re taking vitamins, wouldn’t you want to actually get something for your money? Meaning, the maximum health benefit possible from the supplement? Who wants to piss our their vitamins every day? I’ve done it before, but it’s been so long ago, I had to visualize that for a second. Actually I saw and smelt it.