If You Spend Money On Vitamins – This Is Critical

If you’re taking vitamins, wouldn’t you want to actually get something for your money? Meaning, the maximum health benefit possible from the supplement?

Who wants to piss our their vitamins every day? I’ve done it before, but it’s been so long ago, I had to visualize that for a second. Actually I saw and smelt it. You know what I’m talking about right? That smell of synthetic vitamins in your urine.

So how do you get rid of that smell?

Simple. If you’re not taking a multi-vitamin that’s created from whole foods, then switch….And that’s most people.

It’s really that simple. I prefer New Chapter (and this is not an affiliate link). There are other food based vitamins and minerals, but I’ve been using New Chapter for so long, rarely catch even a sniffle (even with 5-6 hours of sleep), and see no need to change.

What’s one of the big differences just in terms of taking a synthetic based supplement vs. a food based supplement? When you can take it. With New Chapter’s food based multi-vitamin supplement you can take it on an empty stomach without any problems. Try that with the synthetic version.

Beyond that, I’ve never seen a food based supplement in the toilet. I have seen old, school synthetic tablets chilling in the bowel.

There are a number of other ingredients that are added to most of the whole food based multi-vitamins too – ginger being one. One of my favorite medicinal roots. Being in the Asian culture now for 10-years (via my wife), ginger is used almost daily.

I’ll save some ginger stories for another time.

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