How To Jump Rope Better Than Your Kids

Coming soon from Dr. Jump Rope is the ass kicking, quick fit workout that will force your body to burn fat like it’s nobodies business.

Why am I mentioning that here on Mark Fitzpatrick?


I happen to be doing the demonstration. Yes, it’s been a while, but I have a doctorate in jumping rope.

It was bestowed upon me by the great Dr Jump Rope himself – my long time friend and the Master of all that is jumping rope.

But if you think you know what jumping rope is, you have no idea.

This is different.

And if you think you can’t jump rope, you will be able to jump rope with this training.


And like the blog post title says, you will learn how to jump rope better than your kids – or your neighbor’s kids.

I can and so will you 😉

Stay tune…

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