Big Government Buying 400,000 Tons Of Sugar

How The Sugar Buy Will Affect You…

I saw the USDA is considering buying 400,000 tons of sugar.

Where they find the free cash, I have no idea.

What’s the deal here? Why?

Well, the sugar industry has been propped up for years. But don’t confuse sugar industry and food and beverage manufacturers. If the government follows through on this buy, it would mean sugar prices rise, which means manufacturers of candy, cakes, drinks, and anything with sugar in it will likely rise.

Personally I could care less. I don’t buy food with sugar in it. Well, rarely.

Let’s face it. Sugar isn’t good for your body. Drop some sugar on the ground, or a few drops of soda (sugar water essentially), and watch all the bugs and critters that attack it. Drop a piece of lettuce on the ground, and you will wait a while to see anyone show interest.

But the bottom line here is the government needs to butt out, and let the markets take care of themselves. Sugar prices will always be based on supply and demand. If people demand less sugar in their food and drinks, then prices will go down (supply will be up).

Find a way to cut out just 10% of your sugar intake this week, and then do the same the next week.

Soon you won’t worry about sugar prices either.

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