About Mark

I help people feel better and move better…

Okay…Can you elaborate a little?

Well, I’m a master at helping people eliminate pain and move better in whatever they do. I’m a postural alignment specialist, master jump roper, and creative workout maniac who’s trained a variety of pro, college, and high school athletes in ways that vary depending on their needs. From training Andrew Maynard for a WBC Cruiserweight Championship boxing match to college basketball players to teaching Christy Martin (the female boxer who legitimized the sport) how to jump rope the real way (another story).

I’m a former college football kicker who had the unique privilege of being name Rookie-of-the-Year in helping our team go from a 32-games losing streak to the national top 10 rankings in one year – my freshman year. And I was fortunate to have a knifing pain in my lower back for the next three years. A knifing pain that no doctor or chiropractor could figure out how to stop. It took an unlicensed Korean doctor (working for Riddick Bowe) to figure out the problem, the ROOT cause, in under 15-minutes.

I was fortunate to go through this because it would shape my knowledge base, combined with learning from the master Pete Egoscue and his method of eliminating pain, and blended with a creative side that always itches.

On the lighter side, I even made a wacky music video with my friend Gary Vaynerchuk. We shot Crush It for fun and to bring awareness to my friend Frank McKinney’s wonderful Caring House Project Foundation.

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